SPIRIT OF RANI Spirit Yachts Spirit 60 2012

Cruising Mediterranean,


60 ft
14.08 ft
100 hp
9.17 ft


SPIRIT OF RANI  is a wood epoxy performance cruising yacht that represents the finest of British marine craftsmanship.  She has been constructed to the highest standards with an equipment specification to match.  Spirit of Rani has been designed for fast extensive shorthanded cruising, with powered winches, hydraulics and furling headsail.  The yacht has been maintained to the highest standards and is ready for her next voyage.


  • Boat Name: Spirit Yachts Spirit 60 2012
  • Builder: Spirit Yachts
  • Designer: Sean McMillan
  • Location: Cruising Mediterranean,
  • Ballast Weight: 13,668 lb
  • Displacement Measure: 15,700 lb
Engine 1
  • Brand: Styer
  • Engine Model: turbo diesel
  • Engine Type: Inboard
  • Engine/Fuel Type: diesel
  • Drive Type: Direct
  • Engine Power: 100|horsepower


Hull Construction:

  • Douglas Fir planking over male mould, 20mm scantling x 50mm cover, epoxy bonded.
  • Planking overlaid with two layers 3mm Khaya veneers laid at 45 degrees to planning, epoxy bonded.
  • Final layer of mahogany planking laid fore and aft to follow sheerline, the whole then bright finished.
  • The hog, keel, stem, stern post and horn timber all constructed from solid or laminated straight grain Douglas Fir.
  • Beam shelf from laminated Douglas Fir.
  • All floors, engine beds, keel and mast support from solid Mahogany.
  • Fourteen major ring frames fitted along the hull from laminated mahogany.
  • Cap shroud ring frame (90mm moulded by 80mm sided) forms the primary chain plate mount and transmits the loads to hull and keel bearing.
  • The bulkheads at the fore end of the fore cabin and at the forward end of the cockpit are completely sealed and form watertight crash bulkheads.
  • The engine room bulkheads are watertight up to the deck saloon sole.
  • All piercings of watertight bulkheads for cabling, ducting, and pipework fitted with suitable glands and pass through the bulkheads as high as possible.
  • The hull is further stiffened by fitting all the internal furniture in plywood bonded to the hull to form a monocoque structure.
  • All plywood used is BS1088 and manufactured to LR marine grade specification.
  • Cove line rebated into hull with gold Awlgrip finish.
  • Signwriting of name and port of registry to transom using genuine gold leaf.
  • The hull is coated below the waterline with self-polishing antifouling paint.
  • The Mahogany hull is coated with 12 coats of Durapox over the bare wood, sanded fair, further 3 coats of Awlcraft 2000 clear, sanded fair and further 3 coats applied.

Deck Construction:

  • All deck beams in laminated Brazilian cedar, integral to ring frames where specified.
  • Structural bulkheads in 12mm plywood, braced with solid mahogany and stainless steel tie-bars if necessary.
  • The beams are overlaid with 1 layer of 12mm plywood, scarf jointed and then laminated with a 7mm thick laid teak deck, swept to the gunwale line with margin boards and king planks fitted in teak.
  • Decks painted with Sikaflex DC.
  • All hatches have teak margin board surrounds with no end grain showing.
  • Full length bulwarks fitted as part of the hull structure, bright finished inboard with capping rail running to a low swept taffrail surrounding the stern.
  • Large deck hatch provided in foredeck for access to anchor windlass, the roller reefing drive and stowage for ground tackle. Connections to fit a washing machine are installed.
  • Large deck hatch provided in aft deck (port side) for access to tender and outboard storage space.
  • Large deck hatch provided in aft deck (starboard side) for access to sail and general stowage.
  • Small deck hatch in starboard side deck giving access to sealed self-draining gas bottle locker.
  • Small deck hatch on port side giving access to an out door shower.
  • There are multiple stowage lockers built into the forepeak and lazarette spaces.

Cockpit Construction:

  • Cockpit constructed from solid mahogany on a marine plywood substructure, bright finished, with teak inlaid seating.
  • Cockpit self-draining via cross-over pipes fitted with seacocks.
  • Smaller drains at the most outboard parts of each cockpit for effective heeled draining.
  • Dedicated locker space provided in the starboard cockpit locker for liferaft and emergency equipment stowage.
  • Large cockpit locker port for stowage of warps, fenders etc. and access to the steering space.
  • Large cockpit table with opening flaps for dining. Table can be stored in one of the lockers.
  • Small cockpit locker in table for stowage of sail ties, winch handles etc.

Deckhouse Construction:

  • Deckhouse built of bright finished mahogany over laminate substructure.
  • Sliding mahogany hatch fitted on stainless steel runners in garage.
  • The deckhouse has eleven windows built in all from 8mm laminated safety glass.
  • Various other flush-fitting hatches fitted as required.

Keel & Rudder:

  • Ballast Ratio: 38%.
  • SG blade with lead bulb.
  • Carbon/timber laminate spade type rudder.
  • The keel is of the flattened bulb type for maximum righting moment and with optimum high/low pressure separation across the keel assured by bulb form, with vortex tip for minimal drag.
  • The keel blade is optimized for performance built to NACA section design, constructed in high strength SG steel.
  • The ballast bulb is cast in lead with approx. 4.5% antimony with an integrally cast matrix to join bulb and blade.
  • The keel weighs a total of 6,200kg and is through bolted to the hull with five 35mm keel bolts through the centerline plus ten 25mm bolts around the outside of the keel plate matrix.
  • The keel is faired and coated with epoxy barrier coating before painting.
  • The keel is fitted to the yacht in a manner that facilitates the removal of the keel if required at any point in the future (jointing seam line visible).
  • Provision allowed for up to 300kgs of trim ballast if required.
  • Rudder blade manufactured as a multi-laminate timber blade, epoxy carbon sheathed and fitted on a solid 90mm machined stainless steel stock.
  • The rudder has winglets and a vortex tip for maximum control.
  • The rudder stock rotates in self-aligning bearings top and bottom fitted with O rings.
  • The rudder quadrant is fitted to the stock with a drilled machined clamp.
  • Autopilot steering arm machined and fitted to stock.
  • The top of the rudder stock is machinery to take an emergency tiller.
  • The emergency tiller is stowed under the portside lazarette hatch lid.


Engine & Gearboxes:

  • 1 x Styer rating 100hp turbo diesel inboard, indirect cooled.
  • KM35A1 Marine gearbox. 2.6:1 gearbox ratio, 8 degree down drive angle.
  • The engine is mounted centrally in the deckhouse area. The engine bilge is separated from the main bilge area.
  • Engine space fully sound proofed with 50mm high performance insulation. Engine intake air drawn from baffled venting in vent box sited between front of deckhouse and aft of the centreline skylight. Engine air also drawn through locker in the deckhouse.
  • Engine and drive train in-line, soft mounted with flexible coupling for minimal vibration.
  • Engine raw water intake fitted with heavy duty coarse filter.
  • Engine fitted with hot water take-off for calorifier. 

Maintenance & Performance:

  • Range (Cruising): approx. 660nm.
  • Engine speed 9,8 knots
  • The main engine has been maintained in accordance with the Manufacturers’ recommendations 

Propulsion & Steering:

  • Steering is by direct chain and wire drive.
  • Wheel mounted to shaft on double bearings in binnacle, chain over sprocket drive on keyed shaft. Chain to wire splices runs over articulated sheaves to quadrant.
  • Wheel custom built in laminated mahogany rim with high strength invisible carbon fibre core.
  • Five pairs of stainless steel spokes support the rim.
  • Wheel brake fitted.
  • Wheel diameter 1.3m, 3.0 revolutions lock to lock.
  • Quadrant stops at 35 degrees either side of CL.
  • Mahogany binnacle with turned top and bottom and octagonal classical fluting to body.
  • Binnacle fitted with 5” Danforth or Rigel compass with compass light and dimmer switch.
  • Engine controls fitted to binnacle.
  • Anker up and down control with meter reading fitted to binnacle.
  • Rudder position indicator in autopilot head via transmitter on rudder stock.
  • Wet exhaust system with water sump and swan neck to outlet under counter.
  • Engine control panel near helm position with full instrumentation and audible alarms.
  • Single lever side-mounted throttle/shift control at binnacle.
  • 35mm Duplex stainless steel prop shaft through bronze P bracket to 3-bladed Gori fully feathering propeller.
  • Inboard shaft bearing flexibly mounted.
  • Sidepower 90kgf (7kW) duo-prop bowthruster fitted in GRP tube.
  • Bowthruster on/off and joystick control at helm position. 

Other Mechanical:

  • All machinery, pumps, filters, motors etc. flexibly mounted to reduce vibration and noise and have drip trays positioned beneath them.
  • Navtec manual hydraulic system with four controls fitted near helm position. This is to control the backstay, mainsail outhaul, boom vang and genoa halyard tension.


Voltage Systems:

  • A single phase 230v electrical system with a grounded neutral.
  • 24v DC.
  • 220v ringmain fitted around the vessel with sockets to each cabin and bathroom.
  • Circuit breakers for battery chargers and inverters.
  • Circuit breakers for onward distribution 

Battery Banks:

  • Service battery bank – 4 off Mastervolt AGM – MVG 12/200Ah = 400Ah @ 24v. New 2021
  • Starter battery – 1 off Mastervolt AGM – AGM 12/90 Ah = 90Ah @ 12v. (new summer 2022)

Battery Chargers:

  • Mastervolt battery charger – Mass 24/50 – service bank.
  • Mastervolt battery charger – IVO 12/10 – starting battery. 


  • Charging alternator 24v with 12v charge facility (engine start and domestic 12v requirement) through splitter diode. 


  • Mastervolt Whisper 8kva generator fitted.
  • Electric start fitted with 35A 12v alternator. (new summer 2022)
  • Injected exhaust systems to water/gas separator.
  • Water gravity discharge through hull below the waterline, with a gas to outlet under the counter.
  • Check valves in counter skin fittings.
  • Rating: 8kva, 50hz, 230AC single phase.
  • Full instrumentation at chart table.
  • Soft mounted on base plate in machinery space, full sound shields fitted.
  • The heat exchanger is linked to the hot water calorifier to augment the hot water supply.
  • Generator has separate seawater intake with coarse filtration fitted.
  • Generator has stop/start at AC panel at the chart table. 

Shore Power:

  • Mastervolt, chrome socket and plug 32 amp in aft self-draining gas bottle locker.
  • Shore cable of 10m and further extension cable of 15m
  • Shorepower fitted with Mastervolt 7kva galvanic isolator. 

Other Electrical:

  • Mastervolt Sinewave inverter – 24/1000 watt.


Fresh Water & Water Heating System:

  • Hot water system fitted with a 60 litre calorifier, mounted in the engine space. Fabricated from marine grade stainless steel with a 750w 240v AC heater element.
  • Calorifier connected to both generator and the main engine via diverters to enable waste heat to be used effectively.
  • Cold water feed via an inlet combining pressure relief valve and non-return valve.
  • Calorifier circuit fitted with all necessary safety devices – particularly thermostat, thermometers, non-return valves and pressure relief valves.


  • Seafresh fully automatic Watermaker fitted, model H203, producing 50 litres per hour by reverse osmosis. 240vAC powered. 

Bilge Pumps:

  • The primary bilge pump is mounted in the cockpit side, drawing from the bilge sump and discharging overboard. Manual.
  • Secondary electric bilge pumps fitted.


  • All tanks manufactured from high grade polyethylene.
  • Polythylene tanks opaque white and mounted so that the level can be clearly seen.


  • Total capacity of 500 litres.
  • Fuel tank filler fitted with anti-splash reservoir draining to tank and no-smell filter to breather.

Fresh water:

  • Total capacity of 680 litres in 2 x 340 litre tanks.
  • Water tank fillers on deck.

Grey/Blackwater holding tanks:

  • Total blackwater capacity of 150 litres in 1 x 70 litre and 1 x 80 litre tank.
  • Holding tank pump-out fillers on deck above tanks.


  • Main steering compass 5” by Danforth or Rigel.
  • Navigation instruments fitted at helm: B&G autopilot control, incl. rudder indicator; Simrad GPS chartplotter and Broadband radar repeater; bowthruster control; Simrad VHF external speaker.
  • B&G read outs at deckhouse aft face (port). 20/20HV multi-function display x 2.
  • B&G read outs at deckhouse aft face (starboard). 20/20HV multi-function display x 2.
  • Navigation instruments fitted at chart table: B&G autopilot remote control; Simrad GPS chartplotter and broadband radar; B&G GFD multi-function display (master); further multi-function monitor fitted in owner’s cabin.
  • B&G T2 autopilot fitted, hydraulic linear drive ram system.
  • B&G Hydra G3000 CPU computer.
  • B&G Halcyon 2000 compass sensor.
  • Simrad VHF to current GMDS requirements, DSC enabled.
  •  Icom waterproof handheld VHF.



  • Front loading refrigerator – approximately 120 litres.
  • Polyethylene top loading freezer – approximately 46 litres.
  • Additional wine cooling fridge fitted, approximately 46 litres.
  • Three burner hob, grill, oven fitted on gimballed mount.


  • All WCs freshwater flush standalone units, connected to sweat water supply.
  • Tecma Prestige. 24v DC power.
  • All inlet feeds to WCs fitted with shut-off valves.
  • All WCs completely independent and isolated for servicing.

Heating & Ventilation:

  • The engine room has a dedicated air-in vent in the skylight side.
  • There are ten flush mounted ventilation or escape hatches as seen on the deck plan.
  • Two cowl vents fitted with dorade boxes to allow natural ventilation when the yacht is closed.
  • All lockers, cupboards, wardrobes etc. fitted with ventilation louvres.
  • All heads compartments doors fitted with ventilation louvres in the top and the bottom.
  • The vessel is fitted with an air-conditioning system with a total of eight outlets.
  • Particular attention paid during the design and installation to eliminate noise and draughts.
  • The cooler units waste water discharge on, or just below the waterline.
  • Reverse cycle chilled/warm water system by Webasto.
  • Chiller unit 240v AC 50hz.
  • Chiller unit soft-mounted in the main generator space.


  • Television; antenna mounted on mast.
  • CD player; all connected to the Zeuss Navi system.
  • Bose laud speaker system inside all cabins, as well as loudspeakers outside.


  • All lights with LED only


Summary of Accommodation:

  • 5 berths in 3 cabins (1 x small berth under the switchboard in the deckhouse).
  • Owners’ Stateroom forward with en suite heads. 
  • Main saloon with seating and table to port and galley to starboard. 
  • Day head which also serves the double guest cabin. 
  • Pilothouse with seating and nav. Station, the seating can be converted to a double bed as well.

Internal Structure:

  • Major structural or watertight bulkheads are constructed from 12mm plywood, scarfed and braced as necessary.
  • All furniture is constructed of 9mm plywood, bonded and filleted to the hull.
  • The furniture is considered as a contributing part of the monocoque nature of the structure as a whole.
  • Where the interior is required to be finished in polished mahogany, the mahogany is cut out of solid material only.SPIRIT OF RANI has no veneers anywhere.
  • All fine joinery, trim, doors, panelling etc. created from the finest quality mahogany stock.
  • All door and larger panels cut from solid stock, mirrored and book-matched before use.
  • All interior woodwork, bilge areas, insides of space, cupboards and so on are coated in multiple layers of epoxy resin paint finish.
  • The interior of drawers, cupboards etc. are varnished rather than painted.
  • All interior surfaces are finished in white eggshell paint or a combination of satin and gloss varnish
  • All principal interior areas are fitted out in a traditional style with fielded and raised mahogany throughout, hand rubbed and polished.

Description of layout from forwards:

  • The owners’ stateroom has a double berth forward.  
  • There are ample lockers and a lot of natural light. 
  • There is an en suite heads compartment for the owners’ use. 
  • There is a door into the main saloon, which has a comfortable u shaped dining and sitting area with a large table to port.  
  • To starboard there is a sofa and aft of that is a generous galley.  
  • Aft of the dining area is a day heads which is also designed for the use of the double berth cabin which can be found aft of this. 
  • Up steps to the pilot saloon with the navigation station and seating to port and starboard. 
  • Here there is super vision for use both at sea and at rest.  
  • To starboard there is joinery which can be opened to access a single skipper’s berth.
  • The pilothouse opens into the aft cockpit.



  • Fractional carbon sloop rig which is keel stepped.  The construction is bespoke
  • Fabricated in moulded carbon fibre by Southern Spars, tapered above the hounds.
  • Mast and boom spray painted in Awlgrip
  • All standing rigging is continuous carbon fibre, or discontinuous rod.
  • Three spreader rig with cap shrouds, intermediates and lowers.
  • No jumper struts are fitted.
  • Forestay mated to a Bartels electric roller reefing system with drive mechanism mounted below deck. This system is controlled from the foredeck and the helm position.
  • All halyards run internally, exiting above deck to be led to turning blocks around the mast collar.
  • Genoa halyard exits starboard side to hydraulic ram with a removable halyard tail.
  • Main halyard exits on the port side.
  • Lazyjacks fitted in Dyneema with sufficient strength to support the lowered mainsail and boom if required.
  • All shrouds fitted with stainless steel rigging screws.
  • Flag halyard eyes fitted to lower spreaders.
  • Mast fitted with Harken batten car track system for fully battened mainsail.  There is a Switch track system fitted to reduce stacked height.
  • Deck flood lights fitted to lower spreaders.
  • Mast uplighters fitted to all spreaders.
  • Steaming light fitted to fore side of mast.
  • All round white anchor light fitted to mast head.
  • All lights are LED, Lopolights where suitable.
  • VHF antenna fitted at masthead.
  • Wireless internet receiver fitted at masthead.
  • B&G wind instruments sender fitted at masthead.
  • All electrical cables exit approx. 100m above base of mast on port side.
  • Backstay in Kevlar, hydraulic ram control.
  • Mast collar with flange to bolt to deck and including turning block mounts.
  • Hydraulic mast jacking system at bas
  • Boom manufactured from carbon fibre and tapered both ends.
  • Reefing lines led through the boom to the gooseneck, then to deck turning blocks.
  • Boom vang fitted, hydraulic ram type.
  • Clew outhaul fitted, controlled with hydraulic ram within the boom.
  • Two downlights fitted in boom at aft end over cockpit.
  • All deck gear and blocks built by Schaeffer in mirror polished stainless steel.
  • Genoa tracks fitted with high load stainless cars.
  • 10 turning blocks at the mast base.
  • Mainsheet on traveller fitted in cockpit with 4:1 controls with jammers to traveller car.
  • Spinnaker turning blocks fitted to aft quarters.
  • All bearings plain high load type – no ball or needle roller bearing blocks used in high load applications.
  • Mast collar and deck plate in stainless steel incorporating halyard bail forward. Mast held with Spartight to minimum of 100mm depth.


  • All winches self-tailing in all stainless finished by Harken.


  • Mainsail, manufactured in Quantum Fusion sailcloth, fully battened with deep roach and two slab reefs fitted. New 2021
  • New Quantum Headsail (2021)
  • 7 full carbon fiber battens fitted to Harken batten car system.
  • Harken switchcar system fitted to mast.
  • Cunningham down haul fitted.
  • Jib, 110%, manufactured in Quantum Fusion sailcloth, with leech and foot control.
  • Bartels headsail roller reefing system with the drum recessed below the foredeck.
  • Headsail reefing/furling is controlled from the helm position and from hand-held remote control.
  • Free Flying Reacher on a Furling system


  • Prismatic glass deck lights fitted
  • Ensign staff socket recessed flush into aft deck.
  • Ensign staff in solid mahogany – length 1.6m.
  • Twin guard wires fitted to tapered stainless steel stanchions fitted to custom made sockets sunk into the capping rail around the gunwale. These stanchions screw in and out of the sockets so they are easily removed for racing.
  • Folding boarding ladder custom made in stainless steel.
  • 1.5m passarelle with two pin deck mounts.

Anchoring & Mooring Equipment:

  • 7 flush mounting mooring cleats
  • Double roller balanced bow anchor chute built into stemhead.
  • Lewmar electric windlass with warping/chain gypsy and brake.
  • Operation from Podestal with meter reading and by wandering handheld control, plug in lead with chain counter.
  • Main anchor 25kg Delta type mated to 70m x 10mm calibrated chain.
  • Kedge anchor 18kg Fortress type mated to 10m x 10mm chain and 100m x 20mm dia multiplait mooring warp.
  • Heavy duty chainstopper
  • Chain self-stows in chain locker.

Covers, Canvas & Cushions:

  • Fitted UV resistant mainsail cover
  • Fitted UV resistant wheel cover
  • Cockpit cover to the binnacle
  • Deckhouse cover.
  • Removable bimini fitted over helm and cockpit.

Tender & Outboard:

  • New Zodiac inflatable dinghy (New summer 2022)

Safety Equipment:

  • 1 x 8 man SOLAS approved liferaft with A survival packs.
  • 8 x Adult lifejackets with harness, light and whistle.
  • 2x lifeline for the full length of the deck
  • 1 x SOLAS offshore flare kit.
  • 1 x SOLAS flare container.
  • 2 x SOLAS lifebuoys with light module.

Fire-fighting equipment:

  • Multiple portable fire extinguishers as required by IMCI.

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The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.

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